SS(Serenity Surrender) Basic Workshops, Long Island City, New York, USA

SS basic Workshop is aimed at providing the right environment, energies, training, material & approach for people to be able to introspect and learn to communicate with their sub-conscious mind. The root of all concerns lie at the sub-conscious level and even though the "law of attraction" works, it works at the deep sub-conscious level. For example if I would like to manifest something, my conscious positive thinking / affirmations / chanting will work only as far as deep in my sub-conscious does not carry any thought patterns / emotions/ beliefs from it's past learnings that conflict my desire. The moment it is such, the sub-conscious learning will overpower all my positive thinking and it is what will be attracted anyway. So to manifest what we desire at all times, it is important to understand one's soul journey and realize the power of the sub-conscious. It is possible to resolve the sub-conscious and remove negative thought patterns / beliefs & emotions from it in order to free the present moment of all such energies and create only positivity in life.

The Workshop Experience

Each kind of person can attend the SS Basic Workshop. Anyone within the age group of 16 to 70(or more) can attend this workshop. There is no pre-requisite other than "trust". Each participant is only expected to carry theit trust with them. The workshops last for 3 full days, usually from Friday to Sunday, from 9am to 6pm. The group energies start building from that point onwards as they all get introduced to each other. Post that the sessions begin with a short prayer. The schedule includes small tea breaks & lunch. Each workshop will have only 6-10 people in them to keep the energies manageable and personal attention is given to each one & their expectations. The whole day the participants stay in the group energies with Minal guiding them through each step. It's an extremely compassionate environment where people from all walks of life merge with each other where some might have relationships concerns, some might have physical concerns while some may just want to connect with their source and expereince their being in a higher form. Each soul is welcome and each soul walks out with a transformed understanding of life from this workshop.

What to expect post the workshop?

  • An ability to understand your life from the context of the sub-conscious
  • A deeper sense of self
  • The knowledge to connect with the higher self & find root causes to resolve any concerns / issues / blocks
  • An ability to see the bigger picture in every situation & hence less anxiety over things / life situations
  • An ability to surrender situations without chaisng results
  • An ability to understand the higher logic or the soul's wisdom for a difficult situation
  • Empowerment to deal with anything & everything with grace
  • Lastly, a Magical Life!

The next SS Workshop will be held at the senere environment of Verve Hotel, Long Island City, New York from the 13th to 15th Sep 2013. This is a life transformatory journey & it is unimaginable how each participant inevitably expereinces a complete shift in their context of life & leave the workshop feeling empowered to deal with anything in their life in the best & highest way. Words cannot do justice to the wisdom & spirit provided to each participant during the workshop. It leaves no room for any more unanswered questions in ones emotional / mental / spiritual or physical concerns. Many participants write to us from various parts of the world thanking Minal profusely for how she has been able to enlighten them to live beautiful & empowered lives. It is an investment in one's soul which goes a long way, for several lifetimes to come!

For the updated schedule on upcoming workshops accross the globe, please refer to this link