SS Basic Workshop (Self Healing Training)

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The soul has lived eternally. The sub-conscious mind carries giga-bytes of data which is still unprocessed, still not understood, still beyond the wisdom of the conscious mind/ physical body / human being who sits on it. These resolved past expereinces, these memories that were never understood, these lessons that have yet to be learnt are those thoughts in the sub-conscious that give rise to all negativity in and around us in the form of relationship concerns, financial blocks, physical ailments, fears , phobias, marrital issues, parentimng issue and depressions. since creating these memories, thought patterns and beliefs at the sub-conscious level didn't happen in a moment but was a journey, similarly, resolving it also will be a journey.

SS Basic workshop(Healing Training) is for all those who wish to make their journey within. Those who wish to not only find out what lies in the sub-conscious but also resolve it to make peace with the present moment. The conscious reasons for such an individual could be guided through emotional / mental Or physical concerns in their life or maybe not. Maybe it could only be an urge to look within and accept self for who one is.

Healing usually is gravely mis-understood. People seldom believe that if they have some big issue then they need healing but this is incorrect. We all are still in human form which means we are all learning is some or many areas of our life. Each aspect of our life is teaching us something about ourselves through itself. Healing through SS is like a magic wand in one's hand where they can see how whatever they are exeperincing good or bad in their lives is their own creation and then they can use it to remove whatever bothers them to sustain only whatev er is in alignment with them. It is as easy as it sounds and yet slowly, it brings about greater wisdom from us simple beings, wisdom to understand and accept ourselves unconditionally.

To understand how our past impacts our present, imagine that you did a business 10 years back and it failed. Now whenever you will do a new business in the current moment, it is imperitive that a referencing will be done with the memory 10 years back. Depending on what your learn through that failure, it could bring a fear of failure into the new business or it could bring learnings of taht failure to help this new business. Similarly, for our soul, each lifetime is only one more chapter in the eternal journey. It has the ability to reference back to thousands of years back too. Many times, the relationships that we are living and the life situations that we are experiencing are not happening as per our understanding because there is sub-conscious reference point in the past, or sometimes many, due to which there are fears or other emotions coming and impacting our current life. It happens with everyone. It is possible to resolve those past memories and remove those reference points so that our present moment is free of the karma of the past.

Formal healing training or healing workshops are organized and led by Minal Arora, who is one of the countryís best Past Life Regression Therapistsí and also a successful SS Therapist and trainer. Learn healing or get healing training from the best. She ensures that when one chooses to resolve their past and hence enhance their journey inwardly, for whatever reasons, they achieve their maximum potential of trust and surrender to be able to manifest a miraculous and empowered life.

These workshops works in two ways for the benefit of those participating. Firstly, ofcourse they find their connection to the creator(oneís purest energy or higher self since we all were created from the same source) and learn to use the guidance to heal. Secondly, by way of being present in the group energy of the workshop, a lot of karmic release has been observed in most participants. It's just a matter of allowing oneself to be fully present, trusting and in surrender. Learn Healing Today!

SS Basic Workshop

This is a 3-day Workshop where you can learn to
  • Connect with the cosmic energy
  • Understand the soul's journey all the way to the current moment
  • Find out what lies in your sub-conscious and taking guidance to transform it
  • Intuitively read and scan the body in person or remotely
  • Remove hooks in your energy that holds any external negative energy
  • Release yourself from your negative karma
  • Use and Empower your Clairsenses like Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience and Claircognizance
  • Clear the chakra's and realign them
  • Clear Radiation and negative emotions from your current consciousness
  • To forgive yourself and others and rise above blame, regret and resentment
  • Harmonize your relationships
  • Find root causes and heal them for Physical Ailments
  • Expand awareness of teh present moment to enhance peace and joy
  • Discover your potential to heal self and others
  • Enhance your self-esteem or rather empower yourself with an ability to face and resolve each life situation with grace
  • Manifest your deepest desires
  • Identify with your ability to co-create everything that you deem is necessary for your future or life
Potential to help yourself or Others with
  • Relationship Issues
  • Physical Ailments
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Love / Marriage related Blocks
  • Growth and Prosperity Related Blocks
  • External Negative Energy Influences
  • Addictive Behaviour
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Depression
  • Financial problems
  • Quest for Life Purpose
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Problems at work, etc.
Upcoming Workshops
  • Basic(Exclusively Hindi) : 17th to 19th Feb 2015 in Delhi, India
  • Cycle of Evolution Workshop : 21st Feb, 2015 in Delhi, India (pre-requisite is the SS basic Workshop)
  • Harmonising Masculine & Feminine Within Workshop : 22nd Feb in Delhi, India (pre-requisite is the SS basic Workshop)
  • Basic : 27th Feb to 1st Mar 2015, in Goa, India
  • Basic : 27th to 29th Mar 2015, in Delhi, India
  • Basic : 10th to 12th Apr 2015, in Mumbai, India
  • Cycle of Evolution Workshop : 14th Apr 2015 in Mumbai, India (pre-requisite is the SS basic Workshop)
  • Harmonising Masculine & Feminine Within Workshop : 15th Apr 2015 in Mumbai, India (pre-requisite is the SS basic Workshop)
  • Enrichment through Parenting workshop : 17th to 20th Apr, 2015 in Mumbai, India
  • Basic : 11th to 13th Apr, 2015 in Jaipur, India
  • Basic : 9th to 11th May, 2015 in Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi, India
  • Basic : 6 to 8 June, 2015 in Lower Parel, Mumbai, India
  • Basic workshop for children(special course - Age : 8.5 to 15 yrs) : 13-16 June, 2015 at Punjabi Bagh(W), New Delhi
  • Basic : 26 to 28nd June, 2015 in Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi, India
  • Basic : 14 to 16 August, 2015 in Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi, India
  • Basic : 9 to 11 October, 2015 in Andheri East, Mumbai, India
  • Basic : 16 to 18 October, 2015 in Saayaji, Indore, MP, India
  • Basic : 23 to 25 October, 2015 in Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi, India
  • Basic : 4 to 6 December, 2015 in Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi, India
  • Basic : 1 to 3 January, 2016 in Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi, India
  • Basic workshop for children(special course - Age : 8.5 to 15 yrs) : 6 to 9 January (10am to 3:30pm), 2016 at Punjabi Bagh(W), New Delhi
  • Basic : 22 to 24 January, 2016 in Andheri East, Mumbai, India
  • Basic : 12-14 Feburuary, 2016 in Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi, India
  • Basic : 19-21 February, 2016 in Saayaji, Indore, MP, India

All workshops are from 9am to 6pm. Breakfast, Tea and Lunch is Inclusive(except in workshops outside India, the arrangements might differ slightly).

Trainer: Minal Arora
For more details on the workshop, please write at

The workshops have been designed such that anyone, even with no prior spiritual background can learn them and practice the work. It is meant to make our day to day life simpler and much more enjoyable. Those who donít have healing as their path in life would be able to apply the technique to improve their output in whatever is their destined path of growth. At the same time, those who have a deeper interest in healing their lives and helping others as well, can adopt it to be their main/alternative area of work.