Their words always pave way for us to better each life we can, touch and enliven as many lives as possible! Please go through a series of emotions our clients have shared:

Past Life Regression Client Testimonials

Shuli Mayor, SingaporeAll life, I was constantly looking for reasons why I felt so scared in closed spaces like lifts, small rooms etc. I found the source of my problem in my past, the fear went away and I feel a new found sense of freedom now. I am ever so thankful.

Gaurav KhannaMinal is an immensely professional therapist who not only helped me resolve my issues in my relationships but also councelled me on a few areas where I was loosing the motivation to excel. I just followed her advice to go with the flow and I got quite a lot out of my sessions with her. I would recommended her services.

Kunal Sardana, USALife is strange. I met Minal quite by chance and just decided to go into a PLR to resolve limitations in my expression both in relationships and in public. I was amazed at what transpired and within a few days I had an opportunity to realise I had lost all hesitation to share myself. This is powerful stuff.

Kiran, DelhiI am a single mother, living with my two kids. I had huge issues within myself where I felt I lacked emotional stability and had financial blockages as well. I finally decided to contact Minal through someone and ever since my life has take a new direction. I feel an inner strength that probably was hidden somewhere inside me and life seems so much easier and fun now. I am extremely thankful of Minal and all those like her who are helping people to live their life more fulfilled and happy.

Aryan Basu, Noida, UPInitially I was skeptical of what might come up during a regression and I went with the mindset to see if it's real. Slowly, I saw things which existed in my life but I hadn't shared with Minal just because I wasn't sure if it made sense at that point. By understanding that it is meant to help me resolve and I am being guided, I opened up and the results have been fabulous. I now live every day filled with more enthusiasm and power that I could ever think of. Thanks Dear.

Serenity Surrender Testimonials

Testimonial by Suman, BangloreSerenity surrender; surrender in serenity. I have been in preparation for this workshop; a lot and lot of karma surfaced before this in various forms. On first day, I was in my so called form. By the end of second day, When I reached home, my husband told me he was scared to see me...infact the second day was the hardest, although we were attending session and doing exercises, a lot was surfacing, defense, fears, darkness....I was exhausted at soul level and drained. That night I did self healing in the third day, a deep stillness entered me...Even after the workshop, messages are coming to me to help me interpret deeper meaning of things around me. My family felt a different energy in me after the workshop, we felt ourselves relating at further deeper level and we celebrated that...For me, this is just the beginning and the moment I opened Shivi's book, her words from preface entered as light. These are "At times those receiving healing from me told me that the words they heard were precious". I could clearly feel my gifts and strengths. Minal is blessed to sense specific energies in those around her and she helped us looked at it from a completely different dimension. For me, this workshop was planned by the creator and I am thankful and blessed to have very evolved coursemates ( naveen, anu, parimala, chaina, suchitra). We were all mirrors to each other. A very special thanks to Naveen whose healing center is very healing and i felt "I am Home". Naveen had been my mentor and Guru both in corporate life and on spiritual path. Special thanks to Chaina for all her hugs, smiles, and hospitality. Thanks Minal, Shivi, and everyone in my life with whom I crossed path till now.

Sushma Arora, roorkeeSerenity Surrender is the best thing taht ever happened to me. It changed my perspective to life and it gave a whole new meaning to my existence. Minal is a gifted teacher for ech word she speaks, it goes straight to my soul and it feels lighted up. I am in gratitude to the universe that lead me to this and I shall continue to use it to life my energies and create a life taht I desire!

Anu Kapur, Interior Decorator, Gurgaon Serenity through Surrender has the power to make our lives peaceful and beautiful. I am blessed to be a part of these sessions.

Testimonial by Aparajita Arora. Fashion Designer, New DelhiI went to Minal with an open mind. Confessing very little. But like a true doc she dug out all the parts which had been covered by the dunes of time...probably lives. She helped me see thru a lot. I regained a confidence in myself and my guilts, my fears, my questions for life were picked up and thorned out by her. I have gone thru Serenity Surrender sessions with her and I feel blessed to have met her and connected to my problems and evaded them thru her. Thanks Minal

Testimonial by AnonomousAfter continuously being faced with painful challenges in my love life and feeling helpless in trying to improve my condition, I decided to try PLR and was intuitively drawn towards Minal. The session really helped me in accepting my situation and helped me find peace within. As my situation is extremely challenging, I am currently also undergoing Serenity Surrender sessions with Minal. After two sessions only, I feel peace like I`ve never felt before; I`ve found answers to so many of my questions; My relationship has also changed for the better and my understanding about God and spirituality has become deeper than ever. I am really thankful to Minal for being her sweet, pragmatic and understanding self. She has turned out to be my angel on earth and I can`t thank her and god enough, for making both of us cross paths in this life.