About Us

Stemming from the need for holistic treatment of diseases, situations, pains, and tribulations that cannot be sorted even through medication, sprung the thought of bringing alive the healing cottage. It aims to touch lives and empower them from within to face and mould the situations. It aids one to live with a mind that is free and unperturbed of clutter. For those who are ready to address the sub-conscious concerns and resolve from the root of anything that bothers them, we at Healing Cottage extend help through our expertise in New Age healing therapies namely SS and PLRT.

Just as an example, there is no specific ure to Depression or Schizophrenia and we take pride of having cured patients and bring them off medication. This is one, many such situations and disorders are dealt with patience, calm, serenity and smile!

In addition, Healing Cottage has:

  • Comfortable & warm ambience
  • Excellent Service facility
  • Professional & Specialized help
  • Insightful & Experienced therapists

All our therapists have been seekers themselves so they understand the bond one shares with the Supreme. Rest assured, we follow strict privacy policy and your information will never be revealed to anyone including your spouse, parents or any other member of your family without prior consent.

The least that is our promise when you walk journey with us is

  • Your private information or concern will never be shared.
  • You are suggested the possible set of therapies to aid you in a genuine and compassionate way.
  • We can only predict a possible future but we will not make your decisions for you.
  • You will be given complete honesty in what is seen in the predictive readings. Even unpleasant news may be needed to shed light on how best to handle a situation.

This is the first ever attempt in India to give holistic healing a stature and an approach that will attract all those who are open to working with the life force energy and will allow the universe to help them with issues or concerns that may or may not have tangible roots perceptible to one's physical senses. As long as one is willing to make the commitment to their own healing or evolution, Healing Cottage enables access to people who have dedicated their lives to making a difference to people & this planet as a whole.