Connection Between Mind, Body & Soul

* Please note that this diagram is only to the best of our understanding and research. It's meant to only enhance the understanding of a person with regards to their emotional highs & lows and how they impact our body. The intention is not to challenge any medical practitioner at all.

Body Emotions

Figure 1 represents how one’s etheric and physical body are affected by the emotions/feelings or thoughts generated in one’s emotional body. This happens when one’s past life complexes manifest in one’s current emotional body as certain feelings/deep thoughts as response to certain occurrences. The spontaneous, unconscious thoughts that foster during the events in one’s past lives are complexes outside the circle in one’s mental body. These complexes generate certain feelings in one’s emotional body that are stored stoically there and affect one’s current physical body. This is however, hard to classify that what depressing thought will generate what emotion or that will be held in what part of the body.

To take some of the examples in the diagram
Rajiv*(name changed) often complained of recurrent migraine and massive headaches. On careful scrutiny, he also complained of heaviness, a load around his head. Exploring this further, led us to visualize this heaviness for him. It was discovered that the heaviness sprung from the thought that “I’m thick under this guilt”, “it is weighing me down” “this feeling is too overpowering”, further explored the root cause of lay in a past life where as a woman this soul had abandoned her sick dying husband and then felt sad and guilty about it for the rest of her life. So the thought and misery remained with her always, overpowering now’s Rajiv.

Shilpa, 30*, a successful corporate planning executive complained of tightened legs since the age of 5. This tightness engulfed her so that she often cried herself to sleep because of the stiffness around the joints that posed difficulty in walking and doing her daily errands. When we explored the stiffness around her knees and ankles, we unearthed a layer of suppressed anger and hidden tension. This stemmed from the time when she was a very beautiful Victorian princess who was stalked to death by her husband after being forced upon for having a strong head &loud mouth. The feeling of injustice, and rage remained and lurked in her subtle body for so long and was still held in the legs which has gotten better now after the session.

Arshu, 18* has been born asthmatic. She complained of a severe stiffness and congestion with the slightest change of weather. She always felt choked and gasped for breath during attacks. Deep look in the situation surfaced the reality that she died with a lot of grief and sadness in her heart in one of her previous lives. She was a young boy what was choked to death, after she witnessed both her parents mutually murdered. This huge sense of loss burdened her heart since then, and manifested itself as illness in her current physical body. Her cure is still on, and she does not feel choked anymore even when she’s experiencing a severe asthmatic attack.

There could be many examples that could explain the interpenetration of one subtle body into another, but what is significant to remember, that there is no rule that will explain a feeling or an emotion settling in a specific arena in one’s physical body. So just to mention, the young woman above could’ve been murdered by being drowned in the river and the numbness could’ve settled in the lower regions of her body instead. Here we need to look at the individual requirements and emotional manifestations of each client like that, individually. Also, the etheric body carries impressions from various past lives, various instances and each with a different shade of grey! Thus post traumatic reaction to each life has to tapped along with the interfaces from illness and accidents in the current physical body.

Our Body

We here exemplify Alice Bailey’s version of Yogic subtle body theory since it clearly defines three distinct levels of subtle energy and also displays their interference and dependence on one another:

  • The Mental Body

    An expansive and the most subtle energy field around the body, it regulates and holds all conscious or unconscious thoughts (residues of negative past life experience), that affect an individual’s life patterns. It contains all the powerful mental contents or fixed thoughts. These thought generate emotions that are accumulated in the emotional body and affect the physical body strongly.
  • The Emotional Body

    Closely attached to one’s physical body (distanced by a mere two feet), the emotional body, also called the astral body shelters feeling residues from past events, past lives experiences by the mental body for example, rage, anger, distrust, sadness etc. these feelings are triggered by the negative thoughts or beliefs of the mental body. The emotional body is quite dense, and when it becomes highly charged with emotions that cannot find an outlet, it affects one’s physical body adversely. It then when one experiences a sudden illness, tumour, wounds etc.
  • The Etheric Body

    Most dense of the three subtle bodies, the etheric body is a layer only at the distance of two inches around one’s physical body. It is also called "the physical memory field" for it retains the memory of traces of physical trauma or sufferings of the past or past lives like assaults, lesions, tumours diseases etc.

    This body is also referred to as “Chi” in Chinese and “Prana’” in Yoga and it is felt by many people in the form of heat emanating from the physical body. Most therapeutic practices like acupuncture, hands-on healing, and shiatsu etc. work on one’s etheric body since it is sensitive to electrolytic sensations. All the overbearing emotions of the emotional body contain themselves in the etheric body to produce organic problems & give birth to diseases.