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Feel Free to write to us and share your concren. We will get back to you within as soon as we can.

Email Address

In case you would like to give us a shout, the number is +91 8826434433

In case you would first like to share your case and then get suggestions on how to go about it, please write to us at

It is a must to get an appointment with a therapist before dropping into the centre. In case you have been introduced to these therapies for the first time and would like to meet a therapist first and get some counselling on your case before you begin your healings, you can book an appointment with a therapist by either sending us an email or calling us on the above mentioned contact details. You shall be guided based on your case on how to go about a resolution and how long it could take. Each of our therapists are intuitive healers so when you meet them, allow them to guide you as per what they get guided to you and is in your best.

Our Address :

Healing Cottage

204/5, Palmohan Apartments
Club road, Punjabi Bagh(W)
New Delhi - 110026

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