Distant healing

If distance is the only obstacle in your way of resolving your concerns & ailments, it is possible now! Using “Serenity through Surrender (SS)”, one can take advantage of the most effective new age therapy to get rid of the root causes for almost all emotional, mental, physical & spiritual concerns. In SS, the connection made with the client is through the heart chakra and since the therapists are intuitive healers who have enhanced abilities to connect with subtle energies almost anywhere, geographical distance isn’t a concern.

Ideally it takes a few days of linear time for energetic impacts of the therapy to start showing impacts in your thoughts / emotions & eventually physical life. Transformation in one’s way of thinking, way of looking at life and general energy levels will get noticed almost immediately. Changes in one’s life, relationships, responses of people, rise of new opportunities, clearing of blocks etc are those things that take a while to start showing. The idea is to surrender to one’s highest good and trust the process. Results in every dimension are inevitable but depending on one’s sub-conscious readiness, for some it could happen sooner rather than later. SS therapy works like a ECG graph where before finally settling with our karmic patterns, we might experience both lows and highs. It means at certain point of healing you may experience variation in your moods and sometimes there will be chances that you might question the effectiveness of the therapy. On one side our sub-conscious wishes to release its pain and on another, the same pain has been its constant companion and hence it blocks its release too. It is a journey in itself to heal every block that arises to restore the peace within the soul. It is a journey where Serenity can be achieved but the keyword being “Surrender”.

The issues or concerns that are addressed through Serenity through Surrender (SS) therapy in distance healing are:

How it works:

If you think it is not at all feasible for you to go for contact healing, then contact us on +91 8826434433 or write to us at After listening or understanding your concern we give you a certain time and date to work for you through distant healing. All advice for the procedure involved will be given to you at the time of the first communication once your sessions are scheduled. The only main requirement is that we want you to be indoors & hopefully in a restful position for the 1hr that the healing is going on, of course, scheduled as per mutual convenience of you and the therapist. You need to make us the payment in advance through, so that we can start the healing process on time.