Our Past Life Regression Expert Therapist & Serenity Surrender(SS) Trainer

Minal Arora

Minal Arora is one of the most successful past life regression therapists in India. She prides to have done her internship under the famous author of “Exploring the eternal soul” and “Healing the eternal soul”, Andy Tomlinson from the Past Life Regression Academy in Singapore. Minal swears by the concept that scientifically helps to release stuck emotions of the past and prosper liberation of mind! It’s an immensely powerful way of dealing with issues that might not even get resolved by other ways or techniques.

A successful IT professional, she was drawn to PLR for gratifying her inner quest for doing something that had deeper meaning and purpose in life. She was always touched by emotions and sought a resolution for the pain and darkness that touched lives! She feels blessed and guided to be able to help her clients and feels satisfied for paying her part in their journey.

Strong intuition, innocent core, a serene mind and a sharp foresight, makes her clients trust her and resolve their lives beautifully.

Minal is one of the pioneers of the Healing Cottage and her vision is to educate and spread the awareness to as many about how their past life karmas create blocks in their current life, just calling out for getting released.

She is an extremely busy person and tries to give whatever time she can to help people through her skills for she believes there are not too many skilled and trained past life regression therapists in India and with the rising energies, more and more people are getting to life & relationship situations where it sure can help.

Minal has touched and transformed many lives with training them to heal their own past lives through the Serenity Surrender Workshops & healing Sessions. She can be contacted for private regression sessions at

Our Serenity Surrender(SS) Expert Therapist

Harish Baweja

Harish Baweja is an entrepreneur & a healer too. His journey within began when at the age of 5, he started reciting long and difficult shlokas & mantras without any prior knowledge of it. His interest in the mystical & his deep rooted understanding of the Indian methodology & Vedas was put into perspective when he learnt Serenity Surrender. He found a route to discover himself which matched his energies and he was able to bring about instant shifts in his life.He has been practicing as a healer alongside his regular KPO business since the last few years. He now helps people coming through Healing Cottage to find their peace through his healing abilities.

His ability to sense the deeper issues of the client, also owing to his understanding of horoscopes or soul plans, help him in to bring in quick results for concerns which otherwise seem complicated externally. He feels he has found his path and through this path he can not only illuminate his own journey but others who choose to have his contribution to their journey too. Harish can be contacted for private one-one healing sessions at

Our Serenity Surrender(SS) Expert Therapist

Kirti Dixit

Kirti’s journey began with SS about 3 years back when she was trapped in life situations which shook her from within. Almost every area and aspect of her life she found blocked and felt stuck. She was exhausted mentally and physically and couldn't just cope up with one overwhelming issue topping up one over another. She experienced the magic of SS for the first time when a particular health issue of hers was completely resolved with a ten minute healing from Minal. Since the day she has learnt SS till date, she has been practicing it as a way of life and have been experiencing profound energy shifts within herself and others she has have been working upon.

Kirti reckons that SS is an inseparable part of her being now. With the enormous shifts within, she was guided to heal others and bring them out of the unwanted clutter created in their lives. She has been happily doing so with the wonderful soul therapy called SS!! She feels she’s fortunate to be chosen to become the channel of divine light and live a life of infinite possibilities. Kirti has been successfully helping many people to find their peace, happiness & joy through Healing Cottage as a channel & she is blessed with unique healing abilities to be able to help those who are guided to her. She has worked with disorders, ailments of many knds and relationships concerns so say the least and is open to being guided to whatever is best for the client.

Kirti can be contacted for private one-one healing sessions at


All life, I was constantly looking for reasons why I felt so scared in closed spaces like lifts, small rooms etc. I found the source of my problem in my past, the fear went away and I feel a new found sense of freedom now. I am ever so thankful. read more...
Shuli Mayor