Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need your services at all?

    Our moto is to aid the soul’s journey and since none of us can deny we have something subtle inside us that is apart from the mind and impacts our lives, the significance of what we offer cannot be denied. Many may say the soul does not exist, we have only one life, if I don’t have any problem with my life why should I look out for a resolution but the simple fact is, if you have reached here and are reading this page, there is something that has driven you to it. Trusting the guidance is the first step to finding whatever your energies are hinting at.
  • Any particular reason you practice Past Life Regression and Serenity Surrender only?

    We have handpicked therapies which resonate with our new age beliefs and are aimed at resolving the karmic journey of a soul in their highest good. Each of these chosen methodologies are meant to provide guidance & resolution to an individual by reading their current energy levels or sub-conscious energies. SS and PLR Offer solutions to resolving past life karmas, emotions, beliefs and thought patterns and are quite intense & effective. Each of these are powerful tools available in these new age energies which aid the soul in expediting it’s journey through multiple lifetimes and reaching it’s core much faster in order to experience the ultimate peace and oneness with the creator. Such a state once achieved, life becomes effortless as one is then aligned with the universe such that he / she is provided with all it takes for an effortless living.
  • Why do I need to know my past?

    Sometimes, the memories in your energy body or your physical body or your emotions are carried over from your past life and in that case, your past becomes a hindrance to your present. Sometimes, unknowingly, the biggest example being fears and phobias, we carry the shadow of our past with us all the time. At times, we are able to identify patterns in our current life which give us pain and suffering. In such cases, usually that pattern has a lesson hidden for us, which can be explored and understood by visiting similar situations in our past.
  • What are the SS workshops for?

    The SS workshops are to teach the participants how to take their own guidance about their sub-conscious & resolve their life at a pace & depth that they are comfortable with. Usually when we attract concerns that keep us engrossed in them, it is an indication that the sub-conscious is engrossed in them too and they are serving as blocks in it's ability to move forward. Many times, it's not only about resolving the relationship, life situation or the block but it's about knowing ourselves, accepting ourselves and most of all loving ourselves deeper. It is a transformatory journey and the more one's conscoous mind understands why it's attracted what and develops an ability to see his own life from a higher perspective, the easier the resolution becomes. The workshop works beautifully to equip one with complete understanding and practical ability to deal with their life, hence, it's recommended to all who wish to be empowered even while facing undesirable relationships or life situations.
  • What is the duration of the SS workshop? Should I have done some sort of healing first?

    The workshops for 3 days consequitively, usually friday to sunday from 9am to 6 pm. Breakfast, Lunch & Tea is served where group energies help in relishing the food with some new thoughts & ideas. The workshop includes theoritical understanding of the soul, it's journey, how the sub-conscious operates, how memories are created, dealing with karma, relationships & adverse life situations and much more. They also include 1-1 partner healing & self healing sessions to enhance the practical ability of a participant to be able to independently deal with their stuff once the workshop is over. There is absolutely NO pre-requisite for anyone to participate in the workshop. The more trust & acceptance you have, the better it is!
  • Does PLR have any side effects?

    Past life regression as such is only a technique where the client is put into a deeply relaxed state where he / she will be able to activate their subconscious mind and hence explore their past lives. It does not have any side affect whatsoever since there is no external medication or environmental things involved though for people who have a critical heart condition or those who are on regular medication are advised to discuss their condition at first with the therapist or maybe even seek permission from their physician, in order to be completely at ease and safe.
  • What if I don’t have a past life?

    There is not even a single soul who does not have atleast a few past lives because usually we come to this planet only after having lived on other planes and possibly planets before we decide to take the challenge as souls for what earth has to offer. It is the toughest and yet the most challenging plane to be in for souls and can enhance the journey many times if one does well here, which is the biggest incentive for anyone to come and live a life here and go through all the stress and suffering of being human.
  • What if I don’t see a past life in a PLR Session?

    It is possible but not probable that one is not able to get into a past life. There could be many reasons for a person not to be able to explore a past life, where the most probable one would be when one is not ready for the knowledge that will come through their journey. Some people when at critical positions at their life, are blocked from seeing their past lives, just because it might at those point not prove to be as helpful to them. Sometimes, some people may also require healing or preparation to experience past lives, which will be the skill of the therapist to be able to handle the situation and get the client to live the experience.
  • Can you make me do anything while I am in a trance, against my wishes?

    As we explained in “how it works”, the answer is NO. The way our mind works, it has a system in place where any suggestion that goes against the basic moral values of a person will be rejected and bounced back by the subconscious mind. At all times, the client is in control and it’s a mutual agreement between the client and the therapist to agree on a objective to resolve something in the client’s life and work towards it. At any point if the client feels things are not focused to resolution, they can just simply open their eyes and come out of the experience. It is as simple.
  • What is the level of trance required for viewing a past life?

    The level of trance required for viewing a past life is very light. Many times during the day in our normal routine, while watching an intense movie or while driving, we enter into a hypnotic trance where we loose the realization of time and other things happening around us. This is exactly the amount of trance required for us to be able to see a past life.
  • Does everyone see a past life as a moving video?

    No. This is a misconception that everyone can “SEE” past lives as a video. A simple example is when we dream. For some people dreams are colored videos and are so real that it can arise emotions in them and make them feel they had been to the respective place while for some its just a sequence of random thoughts or for some it’s.
  • Can experiencing my past life be my imagination?

    Well we would say even your imagination in the state of trance is intuitively guided. Also, it doesn’t really matter. As long as the experience reflects on you some current life patterns and your symptoms improve, there is no need to answer that question. On another note, there have been thousands of instances where people have visited their families and habitats from a recent life and have verified the details and also instances where people start speaking languages that they have never even heard in their current lives, which are decent proofs of the fact that past lives are for real.
  • Do you have any accounts of past lives to read for me to get more information?

    We will be uploading a few case studies myself on this site from Minal's personal practice as a Past Life Regression Therapist. For now, one may read books from Dr. Brian Weiss, starting from “many lives, many masters” and then Dr. Michael Newton’s “Journey of Souls” is another eye opener. Other famous authors are available on the internet and they can be followed through.
  • What if I visit a past life and get stuck there?

    Well, that never happens. You can’t get stuck there even if you so want to. The client is in complete control at all times during a regression session and whenever required, he/she is able to come back to the here and now. Sometimes, it’s rather important for them to stay in that life for a few minutes, even if feeling uncomfortable for that is meant to resolve something in their current life and it’s important to trust the therapist.
  • What is the difference between PLR and Serenity Surrender? When should one go for Past Life Regression and when for Serenity Surrender?

    NOW when should one go for Past Life Regression and when for SS (Serenity Surrender) is the question. Here is my take on this one. In other words, if we look at the whole karmic journey like a matrix of rows and columns where each row is a past life and each column is an emotion, then, PLR resolves row by row and SS resolves column by column. Both have their own place as explained above and hence I suggest if one can afford it, one should go for a combination of both sessions to get the best results.
    • Ideally one needs both for a complete overhauling of the soul though both of them individually have the capability to take one through the entire journey but a combination is well suited on time and money.
    • If therapy is the only objective and one has been struggling with depression, mental disorders and chronic ailments then SS makes more sense. PLR adds value in establishing the trust in one’s eternal journey by way of experiencing a past life under a trance but it’s important that the person is in a mental condition to be able to consciously make sense of it too.
    • Since the most impacting past lives will have quite a few aspects coming into one’s current life and many characters too, a PLR session to start with can be beneficial. A conscious memory of the story and experience is helpful in life reviews and future life situations.
    • After the certain amount of lives, people usually carry specific aspects from different past lives and they may or may not carry the entire story but only a body memory or a shorter version of the story where one particular emotion or life situation is highlighted.
    • SS has the ability to resolve an emotion where it might be spanning through multiple past lives but it’s not a story like experience for a client. It needs a higher level of trust in the therapist but it is at the same time very powerful once that flow sets in.
    • Usually in both these therapies, the shift of energies is instant but it might take 15-45 days for your physical reality to start attracting transformation in your life, although it takes only very few days to start noticing clarity in thoughts.
    • Past Life Regression is a longer session and gives a more detailed experience though if one can afford it, I recommend first session of PLR followed up by 3 sessions of Serenity Surrender for real transformation to be visible and acknowledged by the individual.
    • Since SS sessions are shorter and PLR sessions are longer, PLR is a more expensive affair than SS. If one has concerns with regards to the money they can spend, 3 sessions of SS are good to bring about the change they need in their current life.