Fears & Phobias

A Fear or an Intense Fear which we also commonly refer to as Phobia is something that can completely uproot the life of a person and is usually come from trust issues at the deepest core. The most important thing to note and stay in awareness at all times when looking at emotional / karmic / holistic healing as a therapy is that everything finally will boil down to the sub-conscious mind. To know and understand more about the working of the conscious & sub-conscious mind, please read through here.

There are very good chances that fears / phobias are coming from intense amounts of blocked energies originating in traumatic or shocking situations in some past life and that energy being unresolved eventually attracted more similar situations to build in intensity. Some people might experience a particular incident / life situation or relationship in their life after which the fear or the phobia might become stronger or noticeable but some people might carry them since birth. In both situations, the energy can be intense and disrupting. It can block a person's life experience partially or completely and many times will create other emotional issues like depression, low self esteem, inability to socialize, relationship problems etc.

At the sub-conscious level, a phobia or a fear is multiple layers of an emotion one on top of the other, usually having a root cause in some trauma, shock or unexplained negative experience in some past dimension of space and time, possibly a past life.

At the Healing Cottage, we deal with and have successfully dealt with cases for

  • Fear of Heights

    In this a client is scared of tall buildings, cliffs or sometimes even looking down from a higher floor. They might even experience dizziness when they do so which means the emotion / fear is so intense that it is able to trigger a reaction in the physical body. Mostly, this kind of fear / phobia will come from one or many past life memories of dying that way or atleast suffering through heights.
  • Fear of Water

    In this the client might have a fear of going into water, sometimes drowning, some might have it only in the sea while for some it could be so intense that they can't even stand in a shower for the fear of something happening to the. The intensity will vary as per the quantity and quality of past life memories they carry with regards top drowning, ship wrecks, being killed with water or anything of the sort.
  • Fear of Expression

    This is a common problem where one may not be able to express themselves to their loved one or sometimes to anyone. This means their expression is choked and there are blocks with regards to experiencing expression fully which could directly do with speech issues, confidence issues, trust issues or expecting understanding.
  • Fear of Flying

    As flying is becoming common; we experience more and more people coming with flying related fears. These again will come from past life memories or flying or how they lost someone who was flying or turbulence or just plain fear of dying.
  • Fear of being left alone

    Many times clients report the fear of being left alone by their loved ones, many will say when they look at their future or old age, they can only see darkness. Many times people might not even have enough circumstantial evidence for this fear to hold any significance because they might have full & good lives and yet the fear. That is a clear indicator that it's coming from the sub-conscious and it must be addressed there. Usually this one is not really only a past life but many times there will be deeper emotions involved as to why the soul believes it deserves to be lonely.
  • Fear of Failure

    This could be a fear of any kind of failure. Failure of a project, a marriage, a relationship, as a parent, yourself as a person or anything. Usually a fear of failure or that immediate negative thinking whenever a new thing is approached or intense negative thinking is an indicator of lack of trust on self at the sub-conscious level.
  • Fear of animals

    Due to encounters with the animal kingdom is several past lives, it is possible that an animal triggers an unpleasant or fearful memory for some and hence the resentment. For some it could be directly related with a memory with the animal like a snake bit you in a pats life and hence a fear of snakes or sometimes the animal could just be a representation of some kind of adverse life situation approaching.
  • Social Phobia

    Fear of interacting with people or socializing - In this the client has a fear of facing people, communicating with people, putting up their stand and many times it happens not only with new people but those whom they meet / interact almost every way with.
  • Claustrophobia Fear of closed space

    In this case the client is afraid of suffocating himself / herself in closed places like small rooms, lifts, basements etc.
  • Fear of Loosing Someone

    Sometimes, for no reason, one could fear that someone will die or something will happen or they will loose a dear one.
  • Fear of meeting with an accident

    Sometimes when we have experienced traumatic accidents or death points in some past lives, it's possible that our sub-conscious has retained that memory and it gets triggered in one's life after they witness an accident or whenever they are driving or after some accident they had.
  • Fear of Loosing everything

    We have had clients who at some point sin their life, for no reason feel that they might loose all their work, money, loved ones at once. As if they will completely go off-track. Usually this kind of fear will come from deep rooted emotions about life and death in the client.
  • Fear of Marriage

    When marriage is not something one is excited about but there is some negativity with regards to it, there is a likelihood that one will attract a life situation where they don't get married or can't get married. Fear lie at the sub-conscious level so it's possible that at the conscious level the only thing one wants to do is marriage while on the sub-conscious level, marriage is unsafe the energies are resistant to it. In all such situations where the conscious and sub-conscious are in conflict, the sub-conscious is what wins eventually unless it is altered for better understanding.
  • Fear of having a child

    Sometimes, some women feel they can't bear a child or they can't handle the responsibility or they will fail as a mother. In case they don't have a conscious desire to become a mother, its fine but if consciously they want to have a family, this fear can really take a toll on their lives and many times in their marriages and self esteem too. Like everything else, this is also coming from the sub-conscious mind and can be resolved to remove any blocks to motherhood.

There are two ways to resolve your concerns. Either you can opt for private one-one healing sessions at Healing Cottage, in which case when you let us know the detail of your concern, we can guide you if Past Life Regression or Serenity Surrender(SS) will be the best solution for you. Second approach will be to become independent in your healing process & speeden up your release process by participating in the SS 3 Day Healing Workshop. This workshop enables one to understand their life & situations from a karma / soul / sub-conscious perspective & they learn to deal with them & heal them too. For private healing sessions, please contact us through this link and for SS Healing Workshop schedules, please use this link .

For people under severe phobias however, the first approach of one-one healing sessions of SS or PLR is highly suggested and once they are able to trust & balance themselves, they can go for the workshop too. To understand the therapies in more detail, please refer to this page