Significance of Past Lives on our current life & Therapy

The idea of going into one’s past isn’t to stop worrying about their present or shift their focus or justify it. The idea is to remove the past live memories, thought patterns & beliefs stemming from past lives that stop one from fully staying and focusing on this moment. These memories, sub-consciously hamper our experience, actions, reactions & decisions in this moment and hence it’s important to de-link our past from our present. To delink, it’s important to understand why the linking happens in the first place. That is where the role of “lessons” comes into picture. While we live, we learn. While we live, our soul learns. When the soul lives & fails to learn, it sticks around that memory for later retrieval. It’s like let me mark this question which I am not so sure on how to resolve but later, when I am wiser, I’ll come back to it. Hence it moves on with that “link” with that unresolved past. Similarly, it links too much and starts too feel stretched. For each of those links, whenever it realizes that now I can’t go on without really resolving this one and understanding this concept, it creates a similar event / situation in this life where all the important situations / choices / milestones of the past life scene are replayed.

Let’s take the simplest example. Susan married Jim in a past life. Jim went out with another woman and Susan comes to know. She is shattered as she feels betrayed. She has 100s of questions so as to why or how can he do this to her. How could he allow their love of 10 years to be destroyed and so many more. In that moment, her conscious is numb and her thoughts are travelling straight to her sub-conscious in the form of learning from this experience. She thoughts were “It’s unsafe to trust Jim”, “Love brings betrayal”, “Jim betrayed me”, “Marriage only means suffering”, “I must live a lonely life now”, “I will never trust men now”. Now these are lessons that Susan has learnt at the soul / sub-conscious level, in her defense and to save her from any further hurt. Hence in that moment they are right. She leaves Jim forever and moves on. Now, in this life, she meets Jim again. She gets drawn to him because the sub-conscious now finds an opportunity to release all that negative thoughts / emotions / hurt that he gave to her in that past life. They get drawn and get married again. As soon as that happens, her sub-conscious defense gets activated which tells Susan not to trust him & be ready for betrayal. Jim is fine, he doesn’t have any reason to betray her and yet she fears it. She fears it too much & nags him day and night for whom he talks to, where he goes, checking his phone records etc. One fine day, she sees Jim with a woman in a mall, at the time when he should have been with her. She doesn’t even want to know anything beyond that but it’s confirmed to her that Jim has done it again. She goes into much further grief, rather depression. Trapped in her fears & her need to believe Jim must betray her, she didn’t even notice that the woman he was with was her friend and they were infact planning a birthday party for her.

This is the easiest way to understand how grave situations, emotions & negativities can be experienced through past life memories where the objective of them coming up is always because they want to be released. Yet, they potentially can trap one into the same old understandings and increase the negative experience.

To resolve Past lives, there are two extremely powerful therapies that can be used

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is one of the most well known technique to hypnotically get into one’s past lives and experience the stuck memories & thought patterns. We have a separate website for getting into complete details of Past Life Regression at

Serenity Surrender(SS)

Serenity Surrender(SS) is a step ahead of PLR if it comes to resolving the sub-conscious. The scope in SS is not limited to earth lives or life between lives. There are several planes & dimensions that the eternally travelling soul has moved through to reach this physical plane. SS has the ability to traverse through root causes / events / relationships & life situations from any of these realms and bring a resolution to this moment. It also allows us to be helped & guided by divine beings during the sessions to find the best way fwd for a resolution. It’s not only a therapy but it’s a way of life. It allows one slowly to understand what being a “spirit trying to have a human experience” really means. Once learnt the technique, one can shift anything that bothers them instantly & magically, both for self & others. Also, most importantly it can be done remotely too.

As per our expert Minal Arora, even though PLR being an extremely powerful & successful technique, there are certain reasons she ends up getting more & more inclined to using Serenity Surrender(SS) for most clients. She ideally suggests which therapy will be the best depending on the case but for one’s own understanding, here are a few pointers on both

This is where we bring you the option of either PAST LIFE REGRESSION, SERENTIY SURRENDER or BOTH. Past life regression therapy and Serenity Surrender both cure issues, by the means of connecting to your soul. Thus it is recommended that you choose the option well suited on time and money!

Take a sneak peak at both the methodologies to find your calling:
Both PLR and SS work at:

  • At a deeper level
  • Change the beliefs at Subconscious layer
  • Deal with impressions from your past lives

Please view the salient features of both that could aid your choice.

Past Life Regression Serenity through Surrender
Regressing one to a past life based on the intent & resolving it. Connecting with the higher self of the client & resolving whatever comes up including past lives.
Requires Hypnotic Trance and hence the past life experience is that of the client. They can experience their past lives through their inner senses just like a vivid dream. Healing without Hypnotic Trance. This is a healing methodology where the therapist is intuitively guided to tap into the client’s emotions, blocks and past lives and can resolve it at the sub-conscious level.
Works on a specific past life experience based on specific intent. Works on curing all the experiences of a specific emotion / thought / feeling.
Position is lying down on the couch Position is sitting on the chair
Those who have a problem relaxing or have too much anxiety, lack of trust & lack of surrender are not good subjects for hypnosis Lack of trust, lack of surrender, anxiety, panic & complete mental imbalance can be managed through this therapy since the conscious mind of the client does not get the opportunity to interfere as much
Client experiences his / her past life himself, through a dreamlike trance state The past lives are visible to the therapist & are told to the client. The objective of healing the past life & shifting the negative memories into positive happens still happens
Most effective when done in person Is equally effective either done through contact or remotely
It is detailed and descriptive. It is more crisp and very accurate.
Long elaborate sessions. Short and well-timed sessions.
Works & Resolves at the sub-conscious level. Works & Resolves at the sub-conscious level.

One can feel the shift of energies in both these therapies, almost instantly but it might take a few days for your physical reality to start attracting transformation in your life. So now is the time to get started, if you feel it calling. To discuss the case or get further details on the process, please write to us at or call us on +91 8826434433