Marriage is bliss. It should happen as a soulful union, between two people, for it is supposed to be a journey that is mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually, fulfilling for each one. However, with changing times we are witnessing marital discord cropping up as a massive concern. Especially in urban society, every third marriage we are witnessing is either breaking or has hit the rock-bottom already. People are facing issues that were unheard of, and they are very valid and strong concerns. Deceits, insecurity, frustration with the partner, incompatibility are issues that are common to every second marriage.

These issues strongly convey a sense of insecurity, threat and guilt. This could also mean that a person has undergone really traumatic, emotionally unstable martial relationships in one’s past life. Unless, we find out these causes, and heal wound from within, there is hardly any stability that we can expect on the surface. Relationship issues and the beliefs that stem from other severed relationships, insecurity with love, doubts about one’s happiness, financial issues, and blocks with regards to love, mate, child-birth independence and companionship all affects one’s marital expectations and marriage. Thus, releasing a few trapped emotions such as guilt, burden, sense of responsibility and financial insecurity etc. could actually assist a person to enjoy a soulful, loving and lasting marriage.

A few blocks that we come across and heal often are:

  • Times are changing; there is no need for a marriage

    There could be a reason that one has seen a lot of troubled marriages, and feels trapped in such an affair. Suppressing emotions such as resentment, fear sense of responsibility, anger and distrust leads to this belief. Healing helps ease one’s emotions and memories from the root, thus, generating the need and worthiness for a partner who could keep one happy.
  • I will lose my independence with my marriage

    Such a belief only springs from excessively hurting memories of distrust and betrayal. This creates in a person a sense of detachment, and fear of attachment. So much so that one starts to feel inhibited with the thought of leading one’s live, in harmony with the thoughts and desires of another. Curing this generates trust and positivity, leading to a rewarding marriage.
  • Sexual issues

    Another interrelated issue with a martial issue is a sexual concern. Memories of a traumatic sexual past life/lives could result in lack of sexual desire, sexual incompatibility, and sense of loss with sex, or fear of sex. The emotions that run parallel to this are fear, guilt, shame, disgrace etc. Curing this could cure your sex life of the aridness and disinterest, enlivening up your life and your marriage.
  • Child-birth

    A strong issue in itself, quite a few people resist marriage for the fear of being unable to take the responsibility of a new born. Again distrust, lack of self-belief and unworthiness could be a few underlying emotions that make one feel incapable of rearing a baby. With a few sessions of PLRT and SS, one can easily shed the preconceived notions about the sense of responsibility and guilt people nurture towards child birth but also welcome it as another deserving gift from life.
  • Financial concern

    Any strong issue with deserving, financial concerns, power may also result in a concern with marriage. Quite a few cases, we found out that people tried to evade marriage for the fear of financial commitment that comes with it. This could be due to false notions or memories one has pressed with money. Curing that would release a lot of trapped motion with financial insecurity in marriage.

The bottom line is, at the Healing Cottage, we look at your concern not at the mere surface, but we peel off as many deep layers of the emotions that help you deal with the concern on the surface. Manifestation of a concern at a physical level suggests the severity with which it is there in the mind and body, emotionally. Dealing with that, and those beliefs that create it helps us to be the proclaimed holistic healing cottage that we are.

There are two ways to resolve your concerns. Either you can opt for private one-one healing sessions at Healing Cottage, in which case when you let us know the detail of your concern, we can guide you if Past Life Regression or Serenity Surrender(SS) will be the best solution for you. Second approach will be to become independent in your healing process & speeden up your release process by participating in the SS 3 Day Healing Workshop. This workshop enables one to understand their life & situations from a karma / soul / sub-conscious perspective & they learn to deal with them & heal them too. For private healing sessions, please contact us through this link and for SS Healing Workshop schedules, please use this link .

For marital concerns, doing the workshop is the wisest, once understood the power of SS, it usually calls for an overall transformation of your relationship with yourself which shifts external relationships, including marriage for good. It is certainly a journey.