Past life Regression

A firm belief that “present is, since the past was” paints the basic principle of Past Life Regression Therapy. It lies on the ground that we have lived and experienced many lifetimes and the current frame of mind with all its attributes, fears, intuitive abilities, anxieties, & phobias is a representation of past experiences.

It is therefore an extremely effective therapy, if you feel haunted by a fear, a repetitive event, intrinsic phobia, unexplained pain or a continuously failing relationship. The concept behind regression is that each moment that we spent on this planet, in our current life or our past lives, whenever we experience something intense, on the emotional, physical or energy level, there is an imprint of that in our soul memory.

Past Life Regression is the technique of regressing a person to a point where they will be able to experience their past lives. When used for therapeutic purposes, it is referred to as Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT). Instead of understanding just PLRT, we will rather address a wider scope of therapy called “Regression Therapy” which includes Current Life Regression and Past Life Regression too.

One might wonder how this knowledge can help us in our current life. Well, the idea is that during a regression therapy session, one is not only made to experience the emotions / body memories that are stuck but they are also transformed from a negative memory to a positive memory, hence aiding in removing their influence or blockages in the current life.

Our Past Life Regression Expert Therapist

Minal Arora

Minal Arora is one of the most successful past life regression therapists in India. She prides to have done her internship under the famous author of “Exploring the eternal soul” and “Healing the eternal soul”, Andy Tomlinson from the Past Life Regression Academy in Singapore. Minal swears by the concept that scientifically helps to release stuck emotions of the past and prosper liberation of mind! It’s an immensely powerful way of dealing with issues that might not even get resolved by other ways or techniques.

A successful IT professional, she was drawn to PLR for gratifying her inner quest for doing something that had deeper meaning and purpose in life. She was always touched by emotions and sought a resolution for the pain and darkness that touched lives! She feels blessed and guided to be able to help her clients and feels satisfied for paying her part in their journey.

Strong intuition, innocent core, a serene mind and a sharp foresight, makes her clients trust her and resolve their lives beautifully.

Minal is one of the pioneers of the Healing Cottage and her vision is to educate and spread the awareness to as many about how their past life karmas create blocks in their current life, just calling out for getting released.

She is an extremely busy person and tries to give whatever time she can to help people through her skills for she believes there are not too many skilled and trained past life regression therapists in India and with the rising energies, more and more people are getting to life & relationship situations where it sure can help.

Minal has touched and transformed many lives with Past life Regression Therapy. She can be contacted for private regression sessions at


All life, I was constantly looking for reasons why I felt so scared in closed spaces like lifts, small rooms etc. I found the source of my problem in my past, the fear went away and I feel a new found sense of freedom now. I am ever so thankful. read more...
Shuli Mayor