Physical Ailments

Physical is the lowest vibration of our beings. Each concern in our sub-conscious mind is first projected in our energies, emotions and when it is ignored or not taken care of energetically, the sub-conscious has no choice but to move the emotion to the physical body, which gives us ailments. Every disease, may it be small like a headache or it could be big like cancer, originates from stuck emotions which were not handled for long in the energy of the person.

When body gets a physical ailment of any kind, the treatment for it has to be done at both level, at physical as well as at energetic. We never recommend anyone leaving their medication or stopping the treatment they are taking from a medical practitioner because as much as it is important to address the energy that created the ailment, it is important to remove it from the physical body level too.

Roger Woolger’s account of the types of bodies is a significant understanding in how a physical ailment gets transferred from top to bottom on the vibrational level to finally create what the client reports as a suffering.

  • The Mental Body

    This very broad energy field is the most subtle of the three and is where we store all powerful mental contents or fixed thoughts. These thoughts may be conscious or unconscious and can radically influence an individual's overall life patterns or self-image (e.g. "I'll never be successful." "Don't trust people" ‘Life is a struggle” etc,). Such thoughts may originate out of some negative past life experiences. They do not necessarily affect the lower vibrations or bodies, but if they do, their influence is extremely strong. Usually a person seems to follow these strong thoughts of the mental body as guidelines / context for their life and hence the most difficult to impact and break.
  • The Emotional Body or Astral Body

    This energy field adheres closely to the physical body by a radius of about two to four feet and this carries the feeling residues from past events, including, like the mental body, past lives. These may be grief, sadness, rage, disappointment, revenge etc. This energy Level may be strongly affected by negative thoughts from the mental body. Physically it is denser than the mental body. When the density of feelings stored in the emotional body gets higher and is stuck, without a channel to release, these feelings will negatively impact the etheric body and could possibly be quite harmful.
  • The Etheric Body

    This is where reside all the painful subtle memory traces of physical trauma, whether lesions, fractures, tumors, amputations, wounds or diseases--traces that Patanjali, in the Yoga Sutras, calls the klesas or "sufferings" carried by the subtle body. The "phantom limb" phenomenon experienced by amputees is a well-known example of how a residual memory of trauma can be held in the etheric body.
    The etheric body is what is referred to as chi in Chinese medicine, and prana in Yoga. The etheric body or energy field is the denser of the three subtle bodies and is physically perceptible to many people as heat emanating from parts of the body. It radiates out from the physical body about one to two inches. All touch based energy healing practices like reiki, acupuncture, shiatsu, therapeutic touch etc work on the etheric body to heal the individual.
    This field can be affected electrolytic ally by cold water, essential oils, mineral baths, sunlight and certain colored filters. In it are many of the residues from physical traumas such as accidents and surgery, as well as past-life traumas. Repressed feelings from the emotional body will lodge at the etheric level to produce organic problems which further get transferred to create physical ailments.
    The important principle that may be gleaned from this highly condensed description is that there is a descending order of influence from higher to lower among these three bodies. Whatever is identified and resolved at higher level of these bodies, will not get transferred to lower levels. Sometimes we carry these energies for many lifetimes before the soul decides to go through a release.
  • The physical ailments we have successfully dealt with are:

    • Asthma
    • Back Aches
    • Stiffness in Neck / Shoulders
    • Arthritis
    • Congestion in the chest
    • Heart & Lung Related issues
    • Liver Related issues
    • Skin Related issues
    • Snoring
    • Stomach ulcers
    • Thyroid Gland Issues
    • Knee Problems

    This list can keep extending but basically all of the physical ailments can be addressed by energetically removing the root. It is not a 100% that the ailment will completely resolve itself in the physical dimension but for sure it will create a substantial relief and it will remove significant stuck emotions for the client to go through a transformatory experience and find the courage and right attitude to deal with their life. It works on the psychology and overall being of a client.

    At the healing cottage, we work on all of these bodies using the two therapies of PLR & SS and it impacts the entire being of the person, depending on what their issue is and how it originated. The idea is to trace back to where the emotion first originated and create a ripple effect to remove the associated memories, traumas and associated emotions to take away the root of the problem. In most cases if the client follows through the entire process with trust, they will release that chronic ailments have the ability to completely transform a person’s being completely. While the treatment is done for the physical ailment but in the process, the client will experience release of many associated emotions that were causing blockages in other areas of their life too.

    There are two ways to resolve your physical concerns. Either you can opt for private one-one healing sessions at Healing Cottage, in which case when you let us know the detail of your concern, we can guide you if Past Life Regression or Serenity Surrender(SS) will be the best solution for you. Second approach will be to become independent in your healing process & speeden up your release process by participating in the SS 3 Day Healing Workshop. This workshop enables one to understand their life & situations from a karma / soul / sub-conscious perspective & they learn to deal with them & heal them too. For private healing sessions, please contact us through this link and for SS Healing Workshop schedules, please use this link .

    For people under severe ailments need to also side by side address the emotional roots in their life through people & relationships. However, the first approach for such cases will be suggested to be one-one healing sessions of SS and once they are able to trust & balance themselves, they can go for the workshop too. To understand the therapies in more detail, please refer to this page