Relationship Issues

Each relationship we experience is a channel by way of which we get our realizations, understandings, lessons and sometimes suffering too. Each relationship we experience, may it be for a reason, season or a lifetime has a role to play in our lives. We choose those people to make that journey with us in this life. Now after this statement, the most natural question will be, why will I choose someone who gives me suffering or who abuses me or who does not understand me. While all these questions are valid, there is a bigger picture, a bigger truth that our souls were aware of when the choice for each relationship was made, which we are not aware of now.

For example, if your father never understood you and you resented that, there are chances when you have a child of your own, you are more careful about your stand for your child and that maybe required for some learning that must come to you. For example if a relationship or marriage fails, we go through intense suffering to overcome the void. By staying with that void for a while, we at some stage encounter new strength and greater wisdom to go about life and relationships so when we have our next relationship, this time we know what not to do in order to keep it and hence the lesson from the first serves us in the second. In case we repeat our way of being, usually, each relationship ends a similar way till we identify with the pattern within and understand there is something in our own energies that is causing the relationships to go. It doesn't mean there is any judgment involved, it doesn't mean you need to correct yourself, it just means there is something in your sub-conscious which is attracting the pattern and it must be resolved at the sub-conscious level.

Relationships are not only mate and spouse relationships but each relationship, that of a parent, a sibling, a cousin, a grandparent, a friend or a neighbour are all karmic. Somewhere or the other there are different ways our soul experiences same base emotions of love, trust, faith, happiness, giving & receiving and at the same time experiences blocks like guilt, disappointment, betrayal, grief, jealousy, resentment, anger, fear and so on. Each of these emotions, negative or positive, serve us in our soul journey by giving us some understanding about our own selves through a relationship. For example if whenever I talk to my mother, if I end up fighting and getting angry, instead of blaming her, if I start becoming aware of what is it within me that she is able to bring out what makes me angry and resentful, there is the first step for resolution already in place.

We are not meant to blame ourselves or sacrifice ourselves by taking the onus on ourselves, we are only meant to empower ourselves by staying in the awareness that whatever we experience because of someone else, the seed of it lies within us. The other person is actually doing us a favor by touching the right chord for that negative emotion to surface so that you can allow it to be released.

The next logical question is, I am aware of my energies, I can see how my relationship is helping me by giving me suffering but is it always meant to be that way? Is suffering the only way to evolve in a relationship? The answer to that is NO. This also is a belief in our sub-conscious that to evolve we must suffer. Also we have karmic journeys with souls who are giving us suffering where we might have past lives where we have given them suffering or we developed beliefs of deserving suffering from them.

When theraputically such concerns are resolved, if that relationship is meant for your highest good, it will stay but will not bother you and if it was only there for the karmic reasons, it will move out effortlessly. Either way, the idea is to restore internal peace and happiness.

There are two ways to resolve your concerns. Either you can opt for private one-one healing sessions at Healing Cottage, in which case when you let us know the detail of your concern, we can guide you if Past Life Regression or Serenity Surrender(SS) will be the best solution for you. Second approach will be to become independent in your healing process & speeden up your release process by participating in the SS 3 Day Healing Workshop. This workshop enables one to understand their life & situations from a karma / soul / sub-conscious perspective & they learn to deal with them & heal them too. For private healing sessions, please contact us through this link and for SS Healing Workshop schedules, please use this link .

For relationship concerns, doing the workshop is the wisest, once understood the power of SS, it usually calls for an overall transformation of your relationship with yourself which shifts external relationships for good. It is certainly a journey.