Serenity through Surrender (SS)

Are you actually living the life that you want to live? Are you getting the love that you deserve? Do you get a sound sleep every night? Don't you have desires you'd like to manifest? Do you have undesirable situations that seem to bother you and yet you must live with them?

These questions can go on and yet, there doesn't seem to be an answer as to why? Why have we chosen or have been chosen for these experiences from which we fail to realize the learning that might be hidden. Why is life full of stuggle and if that isn't the case then why the void, the incompletion, the inherent search for something!

Believe it or not but there is a way to find out. All these answers lie in our deep sub-conscious memory which is the storage place for all past life memories and the understanding that one's soul has created about itself & it's journey till now. Each experience of the soul, whenever, 2 yrs ago or 10,000 years ago, that is unresolved and it couldn't understand the lesson behind it but ended up creating negativity in the form of blame, anger, unforgiveness, guilt, fear etc from it, lies in the sub-conscious memory. It lasts till it's entire negative energy is lived & hence exhausted through life and the soul is able to forgive itself for allowing itself to go through it in the first place.

This way, everything that we experience and live in this moment has several reference pointers scattering the understanding of this moment is so many different directions. This causes a set of conflicted understandings in the person's conscious mind having impressionated through several past instances about what is what. This is how we get indecisive, even having known what we wanted and what we never wanted and often what we feared is what we manifested.

The diagram above shows an example of a situation where in this moment, a person is wondering about what is love & they have a physical relationship concern with a mate in which they are fearing betrayal. If you carefully observe the so many different perspectives of love & possibly conflicting ones that the soul is experiencing in one moment, it is bound for them to stay confused bteween their need for love & their fear of betrayal. This will adversely affect the relationship in this moment & will affect their self esteem too. The only way to resolve this is to go and visit each of those past lives & remove the negative understanding build about love / being loved and learn the unlearnt lesson from there. Once that is done, the soul will move forward in a direction where it will manifest love & growth in it's highest best.

Serenity Surrender(SS) is the quickest & the by far most effective New Age Modality to heal past lives & the sub-conscious of self & others without the use of any hypnosis or tedious long meditations. It's a methodology in which you learn to connect with the cosmic energy in a matter of seconds and post that you can ask for guidance on whatever concern is present. The exact state of the sub-consicious vis-a-vis the aspect / relationship or person is revealed & healing it removes the negative impact of the experience on the soul & changes it's course forever. It can be used to resolve anything, big or small. All one needs is trust & surrender in the fact that our existence was never meant for suffering and any conflict / suffreing that we attract in our lives is due to our own distorted understandings about ourselves & others build over time which can be resolved to change this moment & find peace within.

SS cleanses the souls and makes it fresh and new for manifestation. When there are no past memories or beliefs blocking our experience of now, the tomorrow that is to come will be new and exactly how we want it to be. It has the ability to unclutter our entire existence and that is the light in which we feel so much closer to the creator and our purpose for this life.

About taking Serenity Surrender Sessions

SS healing sessions usually last for 1.5 hrs each and are done on a one-one basis. You can write to us at or call us at +91 8826434433 to book an appointment for SS. For those people who are based out of Delhi NCR, India, it is recommended to take healing sessions by arriving at our healing center in Punjabi Bagh(W). For people who are based in other cities of India or abroad, SS sessions can be done with equal effectiveness remotely too. Please write to us with complete details of what your expectations are and once our expert therapists will look into what is required to be done, they will get back to you as guided through your energies.

At Healing Cottage, we have successfully & effctively healed people for relationships, marital concerns, patterns of failure / rejection etc, mental stress / anxiety / disorders, depression, fears & phobias, hearing disorders, liver / kidney problems, soulmate concerns and last but not the least we have helped them find their purpose of existence.

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