An old, and quite popular concept, one that people believe in since ages. A soulmate is someone one has a very deep connection with, which cannot be easily explained. It is an extraordinary meeting of mind, heart, body and soul on the highest of levels. Communication is at its easiest, as they understand you perfectly, and accept you completely with no judgments. If you believe in the concept of a soul mate, and are truly keen on finding the one soulmate you wish to spend your life with, you first must know yourself truly! All the universal energies work on one fundamental principle of love. And one can truly be happy in love and relationships only when one is truly happy and content within.

Please see if you can identify with anything:

  • Am I with the right person?
  • Do I really need love?
  • Why do relationships fail before I can say ‘I do’?
  • Does love really exist?
  • Why can’t I enjoy a stable relationship?
  • Am I married to the right guy/girl?
  • After my first heart-break, should I really risk love again?
  • What if this one cheats on me too?
  • Is he powerful enough for me to love him?
  • I like her, but shouldn’t I wait for a better-looking person?
  • Can I trust him enough?
  • What will happen if he / she leaves me?

If you are in a relationship, and you find yourself asking the following questions, chances are that you definitely need healing to clarify certain issues within yourself & then set out on the journey of finding your true soulmate.

In a lot of situations, when one is either scared of relationships, finds commitment challenging, cannot find the right sort of a partner, or nurtures some doubts with regards to marriage or feels claustrophobic in personal relationships, chances are that a person has strong memories of relationships that have gone sour. That has left deep imprints on one’s physche that has caused a lot of trauma, pain, distrust and unhappiness. So to guise all of that, one starts inviting patterns in a relationship when one cannot maintain balance between their physical appearance and emotional connect. It could also so happen that just before the two are about to find solace in each other, the insecurities of the subconscious invite agony and pain, leading to a row followed by a break-up.

Love is divine and pure, thus is fragile and sensitive too, since matters of heart make one vulnerable. Even a small issue can raise a storm of emotions, guilt, anger and disbelief that could cause a massive turmoil.

  • It could trigger emotional patterns, where one’s subconscious fears and refuses commitment.
  • One feels unworthy or incapable of loving again.
  • One can get into a cycle, where he/she attracts all the wrong people to keep the hurt alive.
  • Person finds it impossible to find the right mate.
  • The minute relationship grows intense, it fails.
  • One confuses true love and warmth for fatal physical attraction.

A situation such as this is sensitive. Since it is cyclic, hurt invites hurt, then it generates guilt, anger and mistrust; that leads to more pain, chaos and unhappiness. When all of us deserve nothing of it but only true love. At the healing cottage, we help you cure the wounds within, and that would help in cleansing the scars on the surface. Your subconscious will be rid of all the past baggage that will bring about a transformation on a higher level that will fetch clarity and change one’s perspectives entirely. That will not only strengthen your search, give you clarity on what and who you want, but also cure and rid you of many marital issues. With a few sessions of serenity surrender, you would feel a significant difference yourself. For bliss like love and bonding is what life is meant for!

At Healing Cottage, we aim to work with you on your inward journey to eiter attract that love that you deserve from your partner in your life or resolve the existing issues with your soulmate. Finally, it's about experiencing the divine within you through your mate.

There are two ways to resolve your concerns. Either you can opt for private one-one healing sessions at Healing Cottage, in which case when you let us know the detail of your concern, we can guide you if Past Life Regression or Serenity Surrender(SS) will be the best solution for you. Second approach will be to become independent in your healing process & speeden up your release process by participating in the SS 3 Day Healing Workshop. This workshop enables one to understand their life & situations from a karma / soul / sub-conscious perspective & they learn to deal with them & heal them too. For private healing sessions, please contact us through this link and for SS Healing Workshop schedules, please use this link .

For relationship concerns or to find your soulmate, doing the workshop is the wisest, once understood the power of SS, it usually calls for an overall transformation of your relationship with yourself which shifts external relationships for good. It is certainly a journey.