Tarot Card Reading

‘Tarot’, the ancient science of cards, played by a woman in a flowing robe who reveals all! Tarot helps you find out the truth with an insight. It talks about things factually. This ancient art of cards, is guided by the highest forms of intuition and it is not merely fortune telling! Tarot is claimed as the most powerful and authentic source of information, since it comes from within. Since it arises from one’s inner & highest self, this is the reason it is closest to the divine, and therefore pure.

A deck of 78 cards, spread in the major and minor acrana, talks volumes about one’s health, state of mind, and the situation one is in. Tarot card based solutions also guides you clearly about your underlying fears. Practised by most solemn practitioners, Tarot can be your best ally or a guide in the state of indecision. We offer both types of readings.

You could get your questions answered, specific doubts clarified by asking TAROT for guidance or way out. The catch is, the clearer & transparent and open your question, the clearer and apt the response.

The only way Tarot would speak out loud, is when you would ask honestly and openly. For example, ask the way out to dump your boyfriend clearly rather than asking the ways of getting along with him, if your desire and intention is to leave him. Don’t narrow the scope of truth!

You could also ask our experts to do an open reading for you. A tarot card based open reading, is ideal if you’re entering a new sphere of life, if you’re getting married, If you’re planning to get a baby, a new corporate journey etc. You could also get an insight in to general concerns such as heath, finances, career growth etc.

The deck can answer anything for you.

Our Tarot Expert

Simran Kathuria

A communication professional by profession, Simran Kathuria has been guided towards deep spirituality since long. She tired and learnt various forms & methodologies like Chakra healing, Buddhist meditation,Creative visualization etc. till she found her true calling Tarot.

She feels alive and at peace with the deck in her hand. Her deep connection and mystic guidance helps her to read and suggest from the core. She firmly believes that cards have a power to talk to you, and they say different things in different situations. Enabling many to read the divine prediction, she has found her calling in life.

She firmly believes that everyone is truly rooted to the supreme universal power, deep in their core. And it is this connection that matters and must be

nourished to find their true purpose and journey! Aiding people and seeing them enthusiastic and happy gratifies her, and that is her way of thanking the Creator for being so kind in magnanimity!

To take a personal one-one Tarot Card reading session with Simran, you can contact the centre at

I got a reading done since I was severely stressed about the outcome of my new promotion. And Voila, the insight I got, and the suggestions the Reader gave me help me reduce stress and get my appraisals in no time. Thanks, Simran. read more...
Rishi Raj Bhalla
Wipro Ltd.