Our State-Of-the-Art Multi-Speciality Therapy Centre

A cosy, warm setup in the middle of the hustle bustle of the dynamically transforming energies of Delhi city, Healing Cottage is the answer to your mind, body & soul needs. No, this isnít a massage or a SPA centre, we wouldnít pamper you. Itís about cleansing of the soul, itís about working on the sub-conscious, itís about shifting your aura, your energies, your DNA and the body and mind automatically find their peace within.

It is therefore the place to visit, if you feel haunted by a fear, a repetitive event, intrinsic phobia, unexplained pain or a continuously failing relationship. The concept behind resolving past lives is that each moment that we experience something intense, on the emotional, physical or energy level, there is an imprint of that in our soul memory.


We work with children, youngsters, adults, senior citizensÖpeople from all walks of life with all sorts of concerns. The idea is once they are ready to let go of their past and their concerns, the tools we use can make sure they make it possible.

Sometimes people are just curious to know their past lives, sometimes they have concerns in their current life that draw them to find answers, sometimes itís a spiritual quest, sometimes itís physical ailments or sometimes its relationship problems.

We have successfully served clients with physical ailments, mental disorders and even acute illness. The have received helped and recovered from just about any ailment/disorder you could think of. Whatever the problem, our team of expert therapists can successfully help you return to your work and activities of daily life, including sport and leisure activities with renewed charm, vigour gaiety.

For the curious ones, we also have an expert Tarot card reader who is equipped at talking to the cards and telling you your most probable future with guidance to resolving blocks she is able to read through the cards.

A gimplse of the Healing Cottage, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi