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Meditation Sessions

Meditation is about bringing awareness to self. Its not about positivity, peace, bliss or relaxation, unlike popular belief. It is about an authentic connection connection with self. The self that could be broken, hurt, wounded, lonely, sad, in despair, feeling betrayed, seeking love, guilty or even full of hatred. The first connection will always be with the chaos inside oneself, which can also be seen as one's won "darkness". It is so since in today's day and age of pseudo spirituality, everyone is talking positive, nice, affirmations etc. No one wants to deal with negativity, as if it only can belong to the other. So negativity is stuck inside, not getting an authentic listening from its bearer, not getting release from the system, not being able to transform by touching the light. That darkness that has prevailed over lifetimes, lurking around in shoddy corners of our psyche, waiting to be acknowledged and released in what comes forth the moment we initiate meditation.

However, one must not be afraid of this aspect of self because this is where the transformation also lies. This is the untapped potential that can create tonnes of light and bring about a new self that is more beautiful and authentic than before.

At Healing Cottage, we offer various active and passive meditations that have proven to be useful sometimes in shaking a person's energies and bringing forth their true emotions that were stuck inside them, while at other times to help the meditation bring alignment in their system to become a witness to their own true selves. Each person is different and we are all at different stages of consciousness so its only right that we meditate using a technique that can help us relieve us from our current state.


Minal will be able to guide one who comes to Healing Cottage with their respective intention as to choosing the right meditation for them. Sitting silently or only watching breath is not very helpful to a lot of people, especially people who are in a disturbed state. The moment one sits silently, in contrast, they are able to see all sorts of movement inside them. This chaos, these moving emotions and thoughts cannot allow one to stay silent for long. Thus its best to first throw them out to slowly build the right environment within to be able to become silent at the deepest level.

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