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Spiritual Wayshower

On the inner journey, it is easy to get lost, not knowing if one's heading in the right direction or if they are actually lost. Most people begin looking inside when their problems cannot be resolved outside. The reason could be a relationship you are stuck with, unrequited love, great fears that block movement, loss of a loved one, marital discord, parental problems, illness, depression, financial issues, inability to feel joy, depression or this weird feeling of emptiness in the stomach. Mind you, these are all but reasons that once one begins to understand their emotions, thoughts, responses, feelings etc, it usually means more and more things will come to light that need resolution or alignment.

It's not about being right or wrong, its not about inside or outside, its neither about light or darkness, its more about being in balance or out of balance, its about being asleep or awakened.

I spent far too long a time trying to heal myself of what I perceived as "negative" or "disfunctional" but it took me several years of working on myself, traversing the darkness of the unknown inside me to finally realise everything was always just how it was meant to be. My reality seemed inadequate, wrong or even tormenting to me when I was looking at it from the world view of myself. Once I swapped sides and instead of looking infrom outside to in, and instead saw myself from inside to out, all seemed like a blessing. Even the most traumatic of my situations, the failed realtionhsip, the job I couldn't get, the money I lost, the friend who never understood me, the party I never got invited to, the judegment I attracted from my peer group, the emptiness I constantly felt in my gut, all of it seemed right. I finally understood that everything that gave me pain was what pinched me deep enough to touch my core. The pain connected me with parts of myself I never knew existed. Have you felt it that even a simple knee pain if lasts for a few days can actually awaken you to the reality of how important the knee and its lubrication is and how it has the power to put you down on your knees. Thats the power hidden in pain that it reveals, only if we allow ourselves the pain and wait to see the power. 

I have been told that its my role to show the way to all who seek my help in going inside themselves. I cannot travel the path all the way with them for the last leg of the journey can only done by oneself. However I can point one in the right direction and help them see clearly through the fog of their mind so that their journey is joyful and mysterious enough to hold their interest.

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