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About Minal Arora

Minal Arora embodies profound compassion, aspiring to enrich the lives of those she encounters at the deepest level. She generously shares her skills, wisdom, experience, and warm smile, aiming to make a meaningful contribution. As a dedicated spiritual seeker, her role is that of a guiding light for individuals embarking on their inner journey under her guidance. Her humility and authenticity establish a strong connection with people of all ages, from children and teenagers to adults and mature individuals, as well as with animals. She offers assistance and guidance in a manner that resonates with their willingness and readiness to receive.

After earning her Masters in Pure Mathematics, she ventured into the tech industry, where she steadily climbed the ranks from programmer to eventually becoming the CEO of an IT company. However, as she embarked on her spiritual journey, her passion for technology and the corporate world waned, replaced by a profound interest in the inner transformation of individuals.


Her exploration led her to become one of the country's most renowned Past Life Regression therapists, even at a time when the practice was relatively unknown in 2019. Over the course of a decade, she delved into learning and teaching the Serenity Surrender (SS) healing modality. Throughout her personal journey, her inner reality evolved rapidly, prompting her to transition from one path to the next.

Ultimately, she came to a profound realization that change is an inherent and everlasting part of life's journey. During her personal quest, she also discovered that as individuals delve deeper into their awakening, their physical bodies may encounter various challenges. These challenges are not diseases but rather outcomes of misalignment, as the inner self undergoes transformation and the outer self must realign to harmonize with it.

Minal has extensively worked with people from diverse backgrounds both in India and abroad and she knows how to help and support someone for exactly what they need. She works with teenagers, parents, corporate people, home makers, couples, senior adults and everyone who believes in turning their lives around by working on themselves. Its said that "when the student is ready, the teacher shall arrive" or "when one is open to receiving, the universe showers its blessings", so the only question that she expects people who approach her to answer is, "Are you really, truly, ready?".

If the answer is yes, there is no looking back. She has the right knowledge, experience, tools and compassion to guide anyone and everyone who's willing to help themselves. 

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