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Our Offering

The following are a few ways that we can help you. It's best to first signup for an introduction cum inducton session with Minal Arora. Its best if she decides what is the best way forward for you.

While they do yield results in addressing present issues, there are instances when they unearth energetic holes (doorways) within our system. These holes can subsequently bring forth additional unresolved issues from the unconscious, which individuals may or may not be prepared to confront at that moment. Those who engage in regular healing practices or have chosen it as their life's path may find themselves continuously peeling back layers of their inner selves. It can feel like a perpetual journey where one layer leads to the discovery of another. If one is intentionally on a spiritual path, moving towards enlightenment, accessing these doorways and resolcing everything that comes forth can be exciting and rewarding. However, if that isn't the case, one might find themselves being wound up in constantly dealing with inner conflicts and never finding time to actually live that self that's constantly being renewed. If its working for someone and they find themselves balanced in every way, we are happy for them.

However, the primary intention behind healing was never intended to be an unending process of self-work. Rather, it was meant to facilitate an alignment of the mind, body, and spirit, enabling individuals to navigate life's challenges with composure and grace. Consequently, Minal recommends that healing techniques be utilized selectively, focusing on specific instances where their efficacy is unparalleled and they aid in addressing a particular blockage within an individual's system. At Healing Cottage, these techniques are employed only in specific cases and at particular stages, guided by Minal's intuition and discernment.

Healing Technqiues

Minal possesses extensive expertise in healing methodologies, including Past Life Regression and Serenity Surrender (SS). However, after dedicating over a decade to healing and imparting healing knowledge to numerous individuals, she has reached a profound realization. These healing techniques, while undeniably potent, should be applied judiciously, akin to not using an axe to cut an apple. Our inner energy matrix is intricate and challenging for anyone to fully comprehend. Every healing technique has the propensity to gradually unveil one's unconscious layers.

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