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Dusting Sessions

On an ordinary day, each person experiences a continuous flow of thoughts from their surroundings. When an individual's aura becomes more open, they become receptive to absorbing energy from others and transmitting their energy in return. This can be intentionally initiated by those who have awakened to their own energy dynamics, turning it into a "Dusting Session".


During these Dusting Sessions, Minal absorbs your concerns as you converse with her, reciprocating with an exchange of energy. Subsequently, she undertakes a process to cleanse herself of the gathered "etheric dust," allowing her body and mind to rejuvenate for future sessions.

Certain individuals, either naturally empathetic or influenced by specific life events or spiritual practices, may have their auras open without realizing how they inadvertently accumulate others' energy and emotional debris. This lack of awareness can lead to frequent illnesses or emotional lows without a clear cause.

Conducted consciously, Minal harnesses the power of her openness while preserving her vulnerability. This approach aids her clients in healing, making them feel lighter, clearing brain fog, and enabling them to access their deeper emotions, thoughts, and intuitive insights. She also offers dusting sessions for those who already feel burdened by absorbed negativity and find themselves stuck in a negative emotional state.

The duration of these dusting sessions varies from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on the amount of emotional baggage a person carries. After the session, individuals typically experience relief from stress, a sense of lightness, and mental clarity. Multiple sessions can open up new opportunities for personal growth and empowerment.

It's important to note that Minal conducts a limited number of dusting sessions due to their energy-intensive nature. These sessions are strictly by prior appointment, initiated by sending an email to her at, introducing yourself and briefly explaining your reasons for seeking her assistance. You can expect a response from her within approximately 48 hours.

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