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Dusting Sessions


Navigating the inner journey can be a labyrinth, where individuals may feel uncertain about their direction or whether they are truly lost. Many embark on this introspective path when external challenges prove insurmountable. The catalysts for this journey can range from relationship entanglements, unrequited love, paralyzing fears, loss of loved ones, marital discord, parental conflicts, illness, depression, financial struggles, to a sense of emptiness. Yet, these challenges serve as doorways to spiritual evolution and enlightenment.

For those seeking healing and self-awareness, Bach Flower Consultations offer substantial assistance. However, individuals treading a spiritual path, desiring to explore their emotions in the context of the spirit, may find a potent combination in "Dusting Sessions" complemented by "Bach Flower Remedies."

"Dusting Sessions" with Minal provide a secure space for clients to express their emotions and delve into life's intricacies.


These sessions have a profound impact, allowing clients to:

  1. Shed "Etheric Dust" accumulated in one's etheric body, due to outside influences or innerfiltering of emotions and thoughts.

  2. Release deeply lived emotions, feelings, and thoughts.

  3. Lighten their hearts and souls by sharing and acknowledging their truths

  4. Gain conceptual understanding of struggles through Minal's compassionate guidance.

  5. Progress on the path of self-awareness with Minal's insightful teachings.

  6. Expedite the healing process, complementing the effects of "Bach Flower Remedies."

The essence lies not in right or wrong, inside or outside, light or darkness, but in being asleep or awakened.

A Dusting Session under Minal's guidance becomes an empowering personal odyssey toward awakening and joy. Drawing on her diverse background as a past life regression therapist, a Serenity Surrender Healer and Mentor, a life coach, and a guide, Minal stands as a testament to her commitment to personal transformation. Her own intense and empowering journey has equipped her to share a part of herself with anyone earnestly treading the path towards self-discovery.

The duration of the Dusting Sessions range from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, tailored to individual emotional baggage. Post-session, individuals often experience stress relief, a sense of lightness, and mental clarity. Only a couple of sessions can unlock new avenues for personal growth and empowerment.

It's crucial to note that due to their energy-intensive nature, Minal conducts a limited number of dusting sessions. Appointments can be scheduled by emailing, introducing oneself and briefly outlining reasons for seeking assistance, with an expected response within approximately 48 hours.

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