Serenity Surrender(SS) 3 Day Healing Workshops
with Minal Arora
- Wondering about your past lives?
- Want to free yourself of the emotional / mental burden?
- Relationships not working?
- Don't know where to start your spiritual journey?

Join in for the 3 Day SS(Serenity Surrender) workshop to learn the revolutionary methodology to heal your karmic journey. You've lived numerous times & sub-consciously still carry the negativities of past lives. The workshop heals you plus equips you with the tool to attract a desired life in every way!

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Why heal Past Lives?

The idea of going into one's past isn't to stop worrying about their present or shift their focus or justify it. The idea is to remove the past live memories, thought patterns & beliefs stemming from past lives that stop one from fully staying and focusing on this moment. These memories, sub-consciously hamper our experience, actions, reactions & decisions in this moment and hence it's important to de-link our past from our present. To delink, it's important to understand why the linking happens in the first place. That is where the role of "lessons" comes into picture. While we live, we learn. While we live, our soul learns. When the soul lives & fails to learn, it sticks around that memory for later retrieval. It's like let me mark this question which I am not so sure on how to resolve but later, when I am wiser, I'll come back to it. Hence it moves on with that "link" with that unresolved past. Similarly, it links too much and starts too feel stretched. For each of those links, whenever it realizes that now I can't go on without really resolving this one and understanding this concept, it creates a similar event / situation in this life where all the important situations / choices / milestones of the past life scene are replayed.

Unknowingly, we all live these kind of situations day in and day out, without realizing that the reason they arn't going as per logic or expectations are because their source lies in past lives. Once this awareness comes, it's possible to learn to shift our relationships, job patterns, growth patterns, money blocks, fears / phobias & transform the entire experience of our lives.

How to bring a change in my life?

Having understood the logic to most of the undesirable situations in our life or most of the faliures to manifest our desires, we now will guide you on how to heal these past life memories & thought patterns.

One way of healing past lives is through the well known technique of Past Life Regression(PLR). Well, there's no doubt that PLR is an extremely powerful technique to bring shifts in one's sub-conscious. The founder of Healing Cottage, Minal Arora is one of the most renouned Past Life Regression Therapist. She, however reckons that Serenity Surrender(SS) is by far the most effective healing modality that exists to not only heal past lives but goes much beyond. The important differentiators being that SS can be used for healing Self, without the need for a therapist. Also, with SS, no hypnosis is done or required, which makes it more accessible to people who are not comfortable with hypnoisis for whatever reasons.

A few areas where Serenity Surrender(SS) has proved a very effective way of therapy are

# Relationship Concerns
# Fears / Phobias like water, height, flights, closed spaces, pets etc
# Blocks in Growth / Work / Money
# Physical Ailments of every kind
# Mental Disorders like OCD, Bi-Polar Disorder, Schizophrenia
# Depression
# Anxiety & Stress
# Marriage Related Concerns
# Finding a Soulmate

To find out more about Serenity Surrender & it's power, follow this link

How can I benefit from SS(Serenity Surrender)?

There are two ways to approach this

1.  Private One-One Healing Sessions from our SS Therapists - To opt for private sessions, please send an email at with details of what are you looking to resolve. Depending on your objective & expectations, our expert therapist will guide you. Once a prilimnary email discussion has happened, you can choose to meet the therapist is person or schedule a call for further details.

2.  Sign-up for the SS 3 Day Basic Workshop - SS Workshop is a 3 day event in which each participant learns about their soul journey. They learn to connect & receive divine guidance about whatever is going on in their sub-conscious & heal it. This way, they are able to remove the negative impacts of their past including past lives on their current life. They also learn how to tackle adverse situations in the current life and resolve them. This is the fastest way for anyone to discover their true potential & power. For schedules on upcoming workshops, please follow this link.