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Dusting Sessions

Our dusting sessions involve clearing the energy of your space, removing stagnant energy and creating a clean and fresh environment for you to thrive in. Click here to learn more.


Meditation Sessions

Active Meditation sessions to bring stuck emotions and mental patterns to the surface and clear the debris to bring alignment and vitality to one's life and relationships


Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies are a natural and safe way to balance your emotions, reduce stress and anxiety, and enhance your overall well-being. Click here to learn more.


Guidance for a Spiritual path

If you're on a quest for spiritual growth and require guidance for your next stage, especially while confronting emotional, mental, and physical obstacles hindering your path, you've found the perfect destination.

Therapy Sessions
Our Way

At Healing Cottage we believe that the root to resolving issues is to understand and align the person having those issues with their higher self. This alignment when happens at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, automatically becomes the harbinger of prosperity, love and joy.

People come to us with relationship issues, money issues, job conflicts, parenting problems, fears and phobias, gender problems, spiritual seeking, lack of purpose and so much more. However these are all symptoms, some at the physical level while some at other levels. The root cause to all kinds of issues is that most people are living their lives in complete unawareness of their inner system. They know their mind and body well but they have not yet become aware of how their energies operate. Its like you can see the body of the car, you know how to drive it but when it stops working on the road and you open the bonett, you don't have a clue about what is what.This is exactly what happens when we live a life solely based on thinking, knowledge and spend no time or effort in really understanding our inner engineering.

About Minal Arora

Minal Arora is the most compassionate person who hopes to contribute to the lives of those who touch her in the deepest way by sharing her skills, wisdom, experience and smile with them. She considers herself as a spiritual seeker who's role is that of a wayshower to those who walk their inner journey in her guidance. 

Minal's Books

Minal has authored four books, each of which can be life transforming for the reader. "Maaya" and "Second Wind" are the first two books of a trilogy still in the making. If you are reading her books for the first time, choose intuitively and be rest assured, each one of them will leave a profound impact on your life and leave you wondering about all that you have never thought of before. If you feel like sharing your review of her book with her, please write to her through our email address in the "Comtact Us" section. She is always delighted to hear from her readers. Also, it would be amazing if you'd leave your review on Amazon, Goodreads or any other social media platforms you use. Spreading love is the surest way of receiving love! Be Gentle! Be Generous! 

Steps towards your Inner Journey

The inner journey can be overwhelming, especially when one begins it not because of a spiritual pursuit but because their circumstances push them to seek answers that are unavailable outside. The inner world is different and the first thing one learns is that its all about oneself. No one else to blame, no one to hold responsible and no one to come to rescue. However, once one is able to see the world from inside out, their life transforms in more ways than one. It means moving on from pretense, pleasing others, compromising, comparisons or proving self. It means being one's true authentic self, even if it doesn't work for others, it will work for your own growth. This journey makes you independent, yet vulnerable, compassionate and alive. It finally frees one of conditioning, righteousness and brings in an awakening to the light that has always been with you, inside you but you never felt it shine because you were so focused on others and the outside world. 

These 5 are the milestones that one must go through once they begin their journey towards knowing self.


Awakening to the truth about self


Healing the wounds


Bringing balance and alignment between mind, body & soul


Allowing Being


Liberation and Joy

I have known Minal for almost 10 years now and have learnt a lot from her. I was not aware what exactly was missing from my life until I spoke to her recently again..where I was looking for something but i was not able to pin point what exactly am I looking for. The conversations were easy going and the guidance was profound.. something I had never felt before through different modalities I had tried previously. A mere conversation started unravelling so many issues of mine that I kind of started to settle in a way I had not thought of earlier. With the introduction of different meditation techniques on a recent visit to her have brought much calm to my inner being. Thanks Minal for being there! ❤️❤️

Swati Chauhan, IT Content Manager, Dubai

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