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Dr Edward Bach’s description for Cherry Plum


Fear of the mind being over-strained, of reason giving way, of doing fearful and dreaded things, not wished and known wrong, yet there comes the thought and impulse to do them.

– The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies

Cherry Plum is grouped in "For those who have FEAR"

The Cherry Plum Bach Flower remedy, as perceived by Dr. Edward Bach, is designed to address emotional and mental states characterized by an intense fear of losing control. Dr. Bach believed that Cherry Plum could be beneficial for individuals who experience a profound sense of inner turmoil, the fear of a mental or emotional breakdown, or the fear of acting impulsively or irrationally. The remedy is intended to provide support for those facing moments of intense inner tension, allowing them to regain composure and find a more balanced emotional state.

People in need of the Cherry Plum remedy may exhibit symptoms such as a fear of losing their sanity, experiencing intense inner conflicts, or being on the verge of a breakdown. This fear may be accompanied by a sense of desperation and the fear of acting in ways that deviate from their usual self-control. The negative state that Cherry Plum seeks to address involves a feeling of inner chaos and the potential loss of rationality. Dr. Bach believed that Cherry Plum could bring about a sense of mental balance and restore a person's ability to cope with intense emotions without succumbing to irrational behavior.

Many case studies have been shared by practitioners and individuals who believe they have experienced positive outcomes. These cases are subjective and don't replace rigorous scientific validation, but they can offer insights into how people perceive the benefits of these remedies.

One case study involving Cherry Plum describes an individual who experienced episodes of intense inner turmoil and fear of losing control. These moments were marked by a profound sense of anxiety and a fear of acting irrationally. After incorporating Cherry Plum into their routine, the individual reported a reduction in the intensity of these episodes. They described feeling more composed, able to manage their emotions, and less overwhelmed by the fear of losing control.


Cherry Plum is classified by Dr. Edward Bach within the "Fear" group of Bach Flower Remedies. This group encompasses remedies that specifically address various aspects of fear, each tailored to address different types or sources of fear. The "For those who have Fear" group includes the Mimulus, Aspen, Rock Rose and Red Chestnut alongside Cherry Plum. This group stands for a range of emotional states characterized by fear and anxiety. Dr. Bach identified these remedies to help individuals navigate and overcome different manifestations of fear, providing support for emotional well-being and balance. Each remedy in this group is thought to address specific aspects of fear, allowing for a more personalized approach to emotional healing.


The Cherry Plum plant, scientifically known as Prunus cerasifera, is a deciduous tree that belongs to the rose family (Rosaceae). Native to Southeast Europe and Western Asia, it is cultivated for its ornamental value and small, cherry-like fruits. In the context of Bach Flower remedies, the essence is derived from the flowers of the Cherry Plum tree. The positive potential of Cherry Plum, according to Dr. Bach's philosophy, involves cultivating a sense of inner peace, mental stability, and the ability to face intense emotions without fear of losing control.

Positive Potential: 

The positive potential of Cherry Plum, according to Dr. Bach's philosophy, involves cultivating a sense of inner peace and mental stability. It is intended to help individuals face intense emotions without succumbing to irrational or impulsive behavior. Cherry Plum is seen as a remedy that encourages emotional balance during moments of inner tension and fear, allowing individuals to regain composure and prevent the escalation of negative emotions.

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